What is the Relationship between Brand and Marketing?

November 12, 2020 5:14 pm Brand vs Marketing

Brand and Marketing:

The two words are clearly connected and codependent, however, they are not meant to be used interchangeably. Both must be strong for your organization to perform well. For instance, you could have the most innovative marketing strategy in the world, however, if it’s directing people to a brand that is either poorly defined or misunderstood, the effort will fail. Conversely, you could have an amazing, well-defined brand, but with little or no marketing to support it. Your brand is all that you do to establish your uniqueness as an entity with a unique offering to an audience. Marketing are all the activities you do with and for that brand to create or extend customer relationships.


Tarpey Group, an established provider of employee benefits and insurance, was struggling to connect with target audiences on an emotional level. Like many in their field, they felt the pinch of commoditization in a crowded, competitive landscape.


We established the brand message: Peace of Mind. Insured. highlighting what Tarpey Group truly aimed to deliver above and beyond its products and services. All supporting messages and visuals further emphasized the end-benefit and feeling among customers that came with having a partner that truly understood their needs and gave them absolute peace of mind.

Tarpey Group Brand Tagline


The marketing strategy involved focusing on three select niche audiences, one being special needs education institutions. Over the years, Tarpey had amassed a significant clientele in that sector, and we recognized that with additional awareness and engagement, we could win even more market share from an audience group that was often underserved by the industry. So the marketing involved participation and marketing around a series of key conferences throughout the year. By having existing knowledge of the sector, and by speaking directly to target audiences and leveraging the critical brand promise, Tarpey Group was highly successful in expanding its footprint in the education market. The greatest praise came from CEO, Brian Tarpey:

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