Who we ARE is NOT who we WERE.

May 31, 2022 4:00 pm

You’re moving forward simultaneously on many initiatives to grow your business.  Investing in infrastructure. Acquiring talent. Locking in key contracts. Guiding your teams. Things are in constant motion.

Take a pause. Take a breath. Look at your corporate brand: website, marketing, presentations, etc. You’ve moved the company to a higher level. Is your corporate brand keeping up with the pace? There’s a good chance that your brand image still represents who you were, and not who you are today.

An obsolete brand image stalls forward progress. A strong brand identity has the opposite effect, making you faster, better, and stronger.

Here’s the good news. Brand revitalization is not a complete do-over. Why throw away all the good stuff that brought you to this point? So don’t do a brand “redo.” Do a brand revitalization and bring your brand into alignment with who you are today, and all that you aspire to be.

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