A Time for B2B Companies to Plant Valuable Seeds…

April 2, 2020 6:52 pm plant seeding growing step. concept agriculture

Unfortunately, I’ve been getting a ridiculous number of inbound e-mails, messages, even calls to my cell phone, from sales reps that haven’t woken up to what’s going on around us.

They’re calling, messaging and pushing the “hard sell.” If there ever was a time NOT to do that, it’s right now.

If you’re an American-based business CEO or executive, the LAST thing you want right now is a hard sell call, email or text. Does this mean that sales representatives should sit idly for the next 30-60 days? Absolutely not! There exists over the next two months a tremendous opportunity to plant valuable seeds that will grow and bear fruit later this year. What do I mean by this?

Instead of pushing an agenda, think creatively and introspectively about how your goods and services could help clients and prospects right now. And if they can’t, simply reaching out with some helpful ideas relative to navigating work-from-home, establishing new regimens, keeping the morale up in the household, or keeping things positive may be more appreciated than you realize, and could certainly help strengthen the relationship for future engagements. Even better yet, start projecting beyond this time of turbulence, and about how this episode will shape the psyche of your industry, products, and services. Many executives are focused on what’s happening right now, and living moment-to-moment. Very few are looking beyond the crisis to what will happen next. This represents a tremendous opportunity to look beyond, make some creative theories about what will come, and how your products, services or company will effectively help customers embrace post-COVID-19 opportunities.

And you don’t have to look too deeply as to who to talk to about these things. Start with your customers, your pipeline prospects, your top 50 list. Beyond that, you probably have a goldmine of opportunity sitting right in front of you: Your LinkedIn first-level connections. Whether you know them well or not, and whether you have 100 or 5,000 connections, these individuals thought well enough of you to connect. Using Sales Navigator, you can segment this list and start reaching out with a helpful hand in friendship, and with ways to simply help them, whatever that help might be.

We must remember that we all will be marked by how we live and represent ourselves and our companies over the next 30-60 days. Live them well. Plant great seeds and you will experience great growth in the months ahead, and maybe even sooner. I can say this with certainty because I’m practicing what I’m preaching, and it’s already paying off. I wish you safety, prosperity and health!

And if you ever need to talk through ideas, I’m here and happy to help: edelia@www.delianet.com

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