10 Common Rebranding Triggers

We all know the significance of branding. Customers make a series of emotional judgements that shape their entire perception of a product or service. Brands must perpetually innovate and evolve. What’s not so easy is determining when the right time to rebrand is, and whether it’s necessary in the first place.   Here are 10 […]

Brand Development vs. Branding Firm: Which is Right for You?

Brand Development Firm or Branding Firm? Yes, There is a BIG Difference.   When we tell people we’re in the brand business, or to be more precise, the B2B Brand Development business, they sometimes jump to the conclusion that we provide branding services like logo design, corporate identity systems, visual templates, and so on. Many […]

4 Branding Design Trends that will Impact B2B Businesses in 2021

Professional branding encompasses product reliability, features, quality of the products and customer service, and the experiences your customers have with the brand.   In 2021, we expect to see b2b brands establish identities, positions and follow the brand design trends we have been tracking.   Top 4 branding design trends in 2021:   1.) Vigorous […]