How to Transform Your B2B’s Travel Budget to Reach 2021 Goals

October 27, 2020 3:49 pm How to Transform Your B2Bs’ Travel Budget to Reach 2021 Goals

When the world as we knew it came to an abrupt stop back in March, so did the majority of all business travel and travel-related expenses.

We all assumed that in-person meetings, presentations, conferences and trade shows would resume shortly, giving our travel budgets only a temporary break. This, of course, isn’t the case. So as many B2Bs start to budget for next year, they are left wondering: What do we do now?

With travel budgets remaining dormant for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time to reallocate those funds, putting them to productive use that will strengthen your brand and advance your sales goals. Yes, even during a pandemic. In some companies, leftover funds are lost if not spent. And it is often nearly impossible to get those budget lines added back in the future.

Redistributing these funds now to focus on brand, audience and messaging creates incredible opportunities to position your company for 2021. By trading the dollars normally spent on airplane tickets, hotel reservations, conferences and car rentals for a digital marketing campaign, you can still reach the same customers and prospects.

Launching a campaign to kick off 2021 will keep your business front and center, building awareness and connecting with customers early and often.

Your B2B can share its core messages with target audiences in new and creative ways. What’s more, you can strategically plan your content and delivery, offering personalized information, valuable resources and engaging experiences, curated to clients’ specific needs and priorities.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the future, a great digital marketing campaign will also help your organization become a voice of reason and clarity amongst all the noise. And there’s still a lot of noise out there. Demonstrating confidence and positivity within your industry will build your B2B’s reputation and further strengthen your brand. From there, you will be able to harness this positive momentum, jumpstarting your sales and ultimately reaching your sales goals for 2021.

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