How to Transform Your B2B’s Travel Budget to Reach 2021 Goals

When the world as we knew it came to an abrupt stop back in March, so did the majority of all business travel and travel-related expenses.   We all assumed that in-person meetings, presentations, conferences and trade shows would resume shortly, giving our travel budgets only a temporary break. This, of course, isn’t the case. […]

Creating Your B2B Brand Identity System

Foundational to all b2b brands is the identity system. While some identity systems are more complex and broader reaching than others, there are 10 core elements that virtually all b2b brands require.   Business card Letterhead Envelope E-mail Signature Interior/Exterior Signage Vehicle Signage Apparel Note Cards Presentation Template Info-Sheet Template   Each one, from a […]

What is B2B Branding?

Brand is the entity. Branding is all the ways that the entity expresses itself, across all relevant touchpoints. People often get the concept of brand and branding confused.       EXAMPLE: D+E CONSULTING       This provider of human capital management technology consulting services worked with some of the largest organizations in the […]

B2B Brand Messaging Hierarchy Explained

BRAND MESSAGING HIERARCHY   Here’s a simple breakdown to understand how content can be arranged, aligned and prioritized with the core brand message and intent.   Just like there is a foundational architecture to how b2b brands are physically structured, there is a similar hierarchy to how they properly apply messaging. And when messaging is […]