What is B2B Marketing?

November 3, 2020 2:55 pm Lead Magnet Graphic

B2B Marketing Explained.

Marketing is the actions a company takes to establish or extend a customer relationship. It may seem like a silly question, however, there are as many disparate definitions for marketing as there are for brand.

Again, here’s mine and I’m going for simple: Marketing is the actions a company takes to establish or extend a customer relationship. 

When your top marketing official comes forward with a request for additional funds for a new marketing activity that hasn’t been previously discussed or budgeted, ask them this question: “How will this initiative extend or create a customer relationship?”

If they have a good answer, then it’s worth looking into and possibly doing. If they can’t answer the question, I’ll use the opposite of a familiar brand statement: “Just DON’T do it.”

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