What is the Customer Value Journey?

The Customer Value Journey Explained.   If marketing is the actions taken to create or further a customer relationship, the Customer Value Journey is “how” that is done. While there are many visuals and expressions as to what this looks like, ours is a simpler version, derived from elements of digital marketer with elements of […]

Matt Taylor, Managing Director of Delia Associates Presents Packaging: Beyond the Virus

Matt Taylor, Managing Director of Delia Associates, presented on the topic of “Packaging: Beyond the Virus” discussing Engagement in a webinar and networking event, co-hosted by New Jersey Packaging Executives Club (NJPEC).    Here’s a breakdown of Matt’s presentation along with access to the full webinar. Take a look!   DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION PDF HERE […]

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B Marketing Explained.   Marketing is the actions a company takes to establish or extend a customer relationship. It may seem like a silly question, however, there are as many disparate definitions for marketing as there are for brand.   Again, here’s mine and I’m going for simple: Marketing is the actions a company takes […]

What is a Brand Standards Guide?

As brands get bigger and expand their geographic footprint, managing all branding touchpoints increases in complexity and opens the door to variations of interpretation.   This creates the need for a Brand Standards Guide, essentially the standard operating procedures for using and representing the brand consistently in all forms of communication and across all touchpoints. […]

The Secret to Quality B2B Lead Generation and Optimizing Growth