What is a Brand Standards Guide?

November 3, 2020 1:46 pm Brand Standards Guides

As brands get bigger and expand their geographic footprint, managing all branding touchpoints increases in complexity and opens the door to variations of interpretation.

This creates the need for a Brand Standards Guide, essentially the standard operating procedures for using and representing the brand consistently in all forms of communication and across all touchpoints. As one CEO stated – which was the basis for creating their brand standards guide – “I just came from a meeting with eight of my people, and each one of their business cards looked different.”


Brand Standards Guide

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After more than 55 years of delivering excellent engineering performance, rapid expansion in both geographic reach and services spurred Becht to rethink its brand identity and positioning.

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The new Becht logo, formed in the shape of the letter ‘B,’ maintains the company’s legacy blue and green colors, which represent the green earth and blue sky, while symbolizing Becht’s global reach. The white, arching “road” bisecting the logo’s two main elements exemplifies Becht’s progressive approach to the future and signifies the possibilities that can be achieved through partnerships with valued client partners.

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A complete brand standards guide was developed to help this expanding organization with global reach maintain brand continuity in all aspects of its marketing, and in all regions served worldwide.

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