With Crisis Comes Change – and Opportunities for B2B Brands to Adapt

July 28, 2021 2:06 pm

When society is faced with a crisis of the magnitude of COVID-19, change is inevitable. Behaviors change. Priorities change. Perceptions change. Day-to-day activities change.

In the case of the pandemic, a once-in-a-century public health event, we saw a rapid acceleration of three changes that were well underway – remote working, online shopping, and telehealth. We saw a greater reliance on digital communication, especially video. We saw a heightened sensitivity to cleanliness.

These are likely to be long-term changes.

Some changes are short-term, like wearing masks. Many people are no longer wearing them every day, but they have not thrown away their masks just yet.

For B2B brands, certain changes that result from a crisis can affect buyer preferences, attitudes, and decision-making. In a previous Delia blog article, “change” was identified as the number two reason why B2B companies re-evaluate their brands.

At this point, B2B brands should consider reexamining their brand promise, image, positioning, and messaging. This will ensure the brand continues to be relevant and aligned with the needs of its audience.

Brands that are well-positioned after a crisis will be better prepared to capitalize on the sharp economic growth that I expect to see in the very near future. As former Intel CEO, Andy Grove, once said:

Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them.”

To be clear, I’m not recommending that brands make wholesale changes just for change’s sake. For many B2B brands, more subtle modification and retooling may be needed to rebuild alignment between your brand and your ideal client’s priorities and preferences.

In my 25-plus years of B2B marketing, I’ve found that maintaining the status quo after a major crisis is extremely rare. In fact, a recent report published by Delia Associates shows that more than half of respondents have refreshed their brand since the start of the pandemic.

Early in the pandemic, I created “Beyond the Virus: Future Growth Opportunities for B2B Organizations,” a free download with insights, ideas, and potential opportunities involving consumer and supply chain brands. Many of the predictions have come to pass or could very well materialize very soon. Now that we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, I would recommend revisiting this document for insights that apply to your B2B brand.

At the very least, B2Bs should be assessing and reflecting upon their brands. Once you have identified what changes are needed to your brand and/or your marketing, you can develop an action plan to make sure your brand emerges in a position of strength to support sustained, long-term growth.

Delia Associates can perform a complimentary brand assessment that scores your B2B brand in key areas, explains the reasoning behind these determinations, and offers ideas to strengthen your brand.

To learn more about a brand assessment or simply have an unbiased, objective conversation about your B2B brand, contact Delia Associates today!

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