51 Ways To Double Your Revenue In 2022

Using Content To Increase Sales Revenue, Summarized: Generate on-target written pieces of content for your website & distribution campaigns that are relevant to your prospective audience. Use various forms of media to distribute, including video, audio, social media, and even print materials. Automate your content distribution through use of a CRM or Social Media management […]

7 Steps For Successful Manufacturing Marketing & Budget Planning In 2021

Planning and budgeting for marketing in your manufacturing company may seem like a difficult task, especially if you are approaching March and you still haven’t thought about how to grow this year.   The endless cycle of logistics, materials, machinery, shift changes and bottom line analysis often gets in the way of marketing ideas. In […]

Your Top 3 “Pre-Released” Ad Picks for Super Bowl LV

Like everything else, Super Bowl LV will be celebrated a bit differently this year.   With fans skipping big parties and public celebrations to stay home, more people are expected to actually watch the game – and of course, the commercials.   CBS struggled this year to fill its highly coveted – and expensive – […]

What Do I Do With My Marketing Materials When the Trade Show is Canceled?

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan and prepare for some of the most important events of the year, trade shows and conferences can be canceled for various reasons.   As of March 2020, we are experiencing large-scale conference cancellation and postponement due to health concerns tied to the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus). So, what happens […]

Delia Associates’ Top “Pre-Released” Picks for 2020 Super Bowl Ads

Whether it’s celebrating the same football team or watching a favorite 30-second spot, the Super Bowl does an excellent job of bringing family and friends together. We also see mega-brands and not-so-mega brands alike responding to the needs of their customers in a heartfelt way.   The Delia team voted on this year’s Super Bowl […]