Delia Associates Wins Three International Communicator Awards

The winners of the 27th Annual Communicator Awards were officially announced by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts on May 4th. Delia Associates was honored with three Communicator Awards of Distinction for clients: Hi-Cone, Fimbel Architectural Doors and Minalex.   With over 6,000 entries received from across the U.S. and around the world, the […]

Creating Your B2B Brand Identity System

Foundational to all b2b brands is the identity system. While some identity systems are more complex and broader reaching than others, there are 10 core elements that virtually all b2b brands require.   Business card Letterhead Envelope E-mail Signature Interior/Exterior Signage Vehicle Signage Apparel Note Cards Presentation Template Info-Sheet Template   Each one, from a […]

B2B Brand Messaging Hierarchy Explained

BRAND MESSAGING HIERARCHY   Here’s a simple breakdown to understand how content can be arranged, aligned and prioritized with the core brand message and intent.   Just like there is a foundational architecture to how b2b brands are physically structured, there is a similar hierarchy to how they properly apply messaging. And when messaging is […]