How to Develop Your Brand on Twitter

February 22, 2012 8:45 am

Twitter: Your Platform for Your Brand

Today every company is searching for an edge and looking for a way to maximize its brand assets. In order to capitalize on opportunities, top executives must be cognizant of the emerging technologies and the exponential growth of social media. Extensive brand development is feasible in many social media platforms, but none more so than Twitter. This cutting edge micro-blogging social media site can help you develop your brand, generate leads and reinvigorate your customer base.

The immediacy to connect with anyone at any time provides companies with the chance to enhance connectivity with customers like never before. Separate what you previously thought about Twitter based on your personal account experiences and consider the inherent differences to developing your business.

Once you solidify your brand assets on your Twitter profile, you can connect with your target audience. These assets include your logo, brand name and link to your company website. This is an important step because it is the first impression you give Twitter users and can be an important factor when they make the decision to follow you. Differentiate your company from the pack by crafting a thoughtful biography.

Be engaging in a way that is fun for your customers. You should project professionalism, but don’t sound too corporate. Sounding corporate will have a counter effect, and drive away potential customers and sales. Once again, diligently plot the tonality of your Twitter page, but make sure to build connections by finding common interests.

Use Twitter to augment customer satisfaction performance. Prominent national fast-food chains to major airlines have used this strategy effectively. If companies this large can monitor every single tweet mention by their customers or prospects, you can too. If customers begin to feel comfortable with you, you can develop your brand and begin to generate sales. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to announce special deals and promotions. Dangle discounts for additional followers. This will broaden your following and ultimately increase sales.

How do you find Twitter followers? Well remember it’s quality over quantity. Seek out Twitter users who are interested in your service offerings and products. In order to do so, develop a relevant keyword list and use this as the foundation to search for users who are tweeting about those keywords. Follow them and they might reciprocate. Once they follow you, make it worth their while by consistently deploying tweets that produce value.

Make sure you calculate the deployment of your tweets to obtain maximum exposure. Tweeting around 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. is suggested. Although it seems like simply sending out a tweet is enough, it’s not because a tweet has a very short shelf life. It’s there and it’s gone. Make sure to tweet the same link or blurb multiple times. Strike the right balance though, because you don’t want to annoy your followers.

Deciphering how your business model aligns with what Twitter has to offer can go a long way in determining the right path to developing your brand. Need brand development? We can help you develop a customizable Twitter campaign!

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