Mobile Marketing – How It’s Taking Over the World

March 8, 2012 9:03 pm

How mobile is taking over the marketing world

Go mobile!

Over the course of the last year, the explosion of mobile marketing has been unmistakably apparent at the heart of businesses, large or small. As a result, a rapidly growing number of companies have publicly embraced the integration of mobile marketing into their holistic brand strategy. This transition to otherwise unchartered territory has been validated by social media giant Facebook who recently announced mobile marketing would be immersed in their members news feeds. The objective for Facebook is to generate a consistent revenue stream by exploiting its consumer loyalty and its millions of mobile users. With more people using their mobile devices than watching television, it’s no wonder advertisers have ambitions of tapping into this market. Many companies have a positive outlook of the mobile marketing industry and the potential to leverage their mobile assets on Facebook and additional social media platforms.

Why is mobile so popular?

Well, if you’re like most people, your phone is with you wherever you go – store to store, restaurant to restaurant – event to event – work function to work function. You’re journey through life is accompanied by a rectangular block of metal and plastic. But, everyone knows it’s more than that. It’s now become a guide, telling us which restaurant to dine at, what clothes, food or electronics to purchase, and which sporting event, concert or movie to attend. For these reasons, a growing number of companies will continue to funnel enormous amounts of cash into mobile marketing as smartphones become more integrated into every aspect of our lives. The creativity and technology will continue to improve, and we are already seeing consumers conveniently and immediately access product guides, reviews and recommendations on the go.

However, despite the growing need to adapt to mobile marketing, many companies either simply don’t get it or remain skeptical of its advantages.  Most of these advertisers point to studies that show mobile pop up advertising is annoying to many Americans. The answer: find other ways to get your message across. There is much room for creativity. The messages need to be more concise, more penetrable and more creative to evoke emotional response and purchasing action from consumers. I’m confident the intelligence of executives at telecom operators, ad agencies and software firms will discover ways to tailor ads to people based on their location and capitalize on other opportunities.

Offering a new more personal experience is the goal of mobile advertising. The advantage of mobile lies in its spontaneous nature. People searching for a product on their laptops might be researching a longer term investment, but those on mobile devices are on the go and usually looking for instant gratification. Optimize your site to present the company’s hours, locations and directions prominently on the page because this is often the most sought after consumer information.

Mobile is also used for productivity and entertainment. Here are additional tips to get your mobile marketing campaign started:

  • Make it fun for users to engage. No long-form advertising. Today, it’s all about bite-sized, consumable information. That’s what people crave.
  • Tap into every imaginable component of mobile such as voice, SMS, mobile web and applications. Integrating your mobile strategy with social, television, print and radio is the way to achieve success.
  • Greater processing power, internet capabilities and bigger screens are also a factor.
  • Video can certainly augment the effectiveness of banner ads.
  • Offering incentives is a reasonable approach to generating a response.
  • In addition, retailers can benefit by allowing consumers to sign up for offers using QR codes and text messages.

Our mobile technology expertise can power your next level of engagement and profitability. Your brand will be right at their fingertips so don’t miss the opportunity to put your best foot forward with mobile marketing.

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