October 2010: Three Personality Traits Needed for Business Brands

October 10, 2010 6:44 pm

Three personality traits today’s small to mid-market business brands need to be attractive…

Technology changes many things. Like the way that we deliver our message, the magnitude of our reach, and the number of connections we can make. But, the fundamentals of branding and relationship building, although evolving, remain very much the same.

1. Remarkable.

You know the person. The one who walks through the door and immediately attracts people. Part of it is looks. And part of it is style. But overwhelmingly, it’s an aura that triggers a desire to connect. It’s the type of person you tell others about, ask others about, talk about. Why? Because there’s something that’s truly remarkable about them.

The same holds true for business brands and the people who represent them. We’re drawn to brands that demonstrate presence, purpose and an uncommon “wow” factor. These are the brands we remember, adopt and readily use. So much so, that if they deliver the goods the first time, and every time after that, we make them a part of ourselves.

Remember, until you’ve defined the remarkable factor that sets your brand apart from all others, you’re just a “me too” company, left to slug it out with all the other “me toos” on the basis of price (who’s the lowest cost) and convenience (how fast can I get it). Not exactly a recipe for the coveted LTR that we’re all searching for.

2. Socially Adept.

The desire to be liked is right there on the list with food and shelter when it comes to life’s necessities. But all too often, we stand off to the side instead of putting ourselves in the spotlight. If you want more people to shake your hand and smile, you have to be the first to put your hand – and your smile – out there.

Social media is the tool ready, willing and able to help you do so. The time has come to stop wondering, “Should we have a social media program?” and to start thinking, “What should our social media program be?” And it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or how obscure your product or service is.

Today’s emerging generation of buyers and decision-makers grew up fluent in social media. It’s ingrained in their lifestyle DNA. It should be part of your brand’s DNA. Starting now. Being open, accessible and transparent starts with an important first step – being out there somewhere in the social media spectrum. Failure to do so relegates your brand, product or service to the legions of brands that wallow in that “me too” status.

3. Clickably Cool.

The cool factor. We either think we are or wish we were. If nothing else, we’re all drawn to and fascinated by stuff that delivers the cool factor. Cool stuff stands out. Cool stuff is admired. Remembered. Desired. Cool stuff gets emailed, forwarded and shared with colleagues, friends and family. It might be a time saving app, a viral video, a new way of using the web to share content.

If your brand truly delivers clickable cool, your audience will spread your message for you. And it just doesn’t get any better than that. When you get to that point, you can kiss those “me toos” goodbye – you’ll have nothing in common with them anymore.

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