Why Social Media is Here to stay

June 5, 2012 8:16 pm

Why Social Media Isn’t Going Anywhere

With the Facebook IPO valuation plummeting by the day, there has been a growing sentiment that numerous business executives are beginning to question the viability of social media assets. If the social media giant Facebook can fall apart this easily, can this sort of deterioration occur across the entire medium? Some believe social media marketing might be a fad, but we’re here to tell you they’re here to stay. The truth is social media possesses long term sustainability because of its intrinsic qualities of facilitating a discussion and promoting a movement of social interactivity, albeit on the web. Many businesses are investing massive amounts of money into this form of marketing for a reason.

It will not be a fad because there are hundreds of social media networks across the web that are each tailored to a specific niche market. We know about the giants – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but many opportunistic web startups will not hesitate to claim their place if these networks fail to continue to evolve and meet the demands of their users. The major social media players may change (although not in the foreseeable future), but people will continue to desire the human connectivity that social media platforms provide. Sharing photos, connecting with old classmates and asserting provocative viewpoints to an expansive online community are not behaviors that will end anytime soon. Social media has left an indelible impression in our minds, and is ingrained in the routine of our everyday lives. As such, there will continue to be excellent opportunities to use marketing strategies to reach your target audience.

We’ve seen the indisputable effect of word of mouth marketing as a result of social media, but many business executives remain skeptical in their outlook toward a new wave of technology and its ability to produce a positive effect on their business. Customer service has vastly improved and will continue to do so as a result of the unprecedented accessibility to customers. Each facet of branding can be fully realized through the use of a comprehensive social media plan that incorporates creative problem solving methods.

A pragmatic approach to managing content and relaying a concise brand message on social media assets can be invaluable to your business. Posting links is helpful, but also put forth thought provoking ideas and do everything you can to humanize your company on social media. There is a misconception that social media should be used to post a constant stream of advertising, but this can alienate your prospective customer base. It’s important to strike the right balance in order to leverage social media to its greatest potential. Post interesting and valuable information prominently, while mixing in sales messages when you see fit. Keep any eye on your competitors and make sure your social media presence surpasses theirs, because you could miss out on new business opportunities if you fail to do so.

It’s an “adapt or die” culture and this couldn’t be more true for online marketing. Although it seems inconceivable for this new platform to have burst onto the marketing scene and remain a mainstay for years to come, many had the same reservations about television and radio. Business executives must be willing to embrace change rather than put forth resistance because social media isn’t going away any time soon.

Relationships and emotional attachment drives the market. It has with television and will continue to do so in social media. Not everyone is comfortable with the medium yet, but they will be. And, those who never get acclimated will be left behind.

Social media has started a fundamental shift in the way we share and disseminate information. If you reject the notion that social media is a fad, we’d love to help you conceptualize the right strategy for your company. Contact us for social media marketing today.

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