10 Years Of Brand Success With Rich Palatini

November 29, 2018 6:04 pm Logos on Cards

Delia Associates wants to highlight a decade of brand success by featuring a few brand transformations in this 3-minute video.


Thanks to our proprietary Brand Leadership Solutionยฎ, we were able to make authentic, believable and relevant brands thrive, and distinctive, powerful brands succeed against competitors.

In between, weโ€™ve developed and positioned more than 100 brands. Some include:

  • Vision care benefit providers
  • The innovative retail lighting technology
  • Luxury linen towel brand
  • And many more

Our next project is powering up the brand of a packaging company in Kenya with markets in Nairobi, Tanzania, Uganda and a few others. Just click play above!

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About The Author

Rich is an accomplished and experienced strategist, planner and creative thinker, Rich has been connecting brands and customers for more than two decades. As a Brand Strategist, heโ€™s been instrumental in launching and positioning new brands, re-positioning existing ones, opening new market opportunities and developing strategic branding initiatives that have driven growth and bottom line success for consumer, retail, and business-to-business clients alike.