5 Quick SEO Tips for Anyone

January 12, 2012 7:18 pm

SEO Tips Anyone Can Use

If people can’t find your business, it’s not worth anything. With people throwing out their yellow pages and doing everything from their phone, iPad, or computer, you need a quality website with a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Amazingly, there are still companies who haven’t done a thing when it comes to SEO. You don’t have to know everything about SEO to quickly make jumps over the competition. There are some really simple things that anyone can do to make their website rank higher on search engines:

  1. Write Good Content! – Content is King, this can’t be stressed enough. Google is constantly making changes to their system to filter out bad websites – ones with poor or little content. You cannot rank high in a search engine without good content (well, there are ways, but they typically work for the very short term, then destroy your rankings in the long term). Try to write a good amount that does a good job describing what you do.
  2. Write for People – It’s tempting to just put in a keyword a bunch of times, and have sloppy content, thinking that search engines will like to see keywords. The problem is, computers (…and search engines!) are getting smarter, and are beginning to filter this stuff out. With computers able to compete in Jeopardy, and probably compose symphonies soon, they’ll soon know if you’re trying to cater to them or real people. Besides, you want your site to be usable by people in the end anyway, or it’s pretty much worthless.
  3. Write New Content – Search engines love it when sites have frequent updates to their content. If your page naturally lends itself to content updates, great! If not, try blogging. If you can get new content on your site 3 times a week, you should be good. It also gives a reason for people to keep coming back to you!
  4. Be Generous with Links – Links are looked at by search engines similarly to “votes” from another site. If other good quality sites link to you, search engines see that as an endorsement and will favor you more. When you’re generous with your links to others, others are more likely to be more generous towards you. They may not, but it won’t hurt.
  5. Get Social Media Accounts – There are several benefits to doing this. First, search engines are beginning to use this in their rankings. In fact, because of the personal nature (as opposed to a website), the links look like an even bigger vote. On top of this, links on social media sites can drive traffic back to you, if they’re promoted well. Lastly, they increase your ability to rank. Think of Google as an aisle in a store with 10 shelves. You want to take up as many of those ten shelves as you can. Your website may be able to take up 1, or maybe even 3. If you have Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well, there are three extra spots you can take up with your brand.

Even if you don’t have much time to optimize your site, at least do something. You want to maximize your site’s exposure on search engines. If people are looking for what you do, make sure they find you! And, if you really want to be found, contact us find out how Delia Associates can improve your search engine rankings even more!

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