February 2011: Avoiding the Content Trap

February 19, 2011 7:01 pm

Write Like a Rock Star with Our 7-Point Content Building Guide


When it comes to your corporate website, these words spell missed opportunity for your company and brand. It begins with a seemingly innocent request from your website developer, “Just give us the content . . . ”


Suddenly, CEOs, presidents and their VPs don their copywriting hats, start thinking about how to position the company, organize products and services, update old content, generate new content, prioritize wish lists, integrate video, diagrams, images, and then . . .


Whether it takes two days, or two minutes, writer’s block sets in, other more pressing priorities emerge, and the new website development process grinds to a halt. Hopes and dreams of debuting the new site in time for that major industry event are dashed, and the project, once a source of excitement and energy, is now another corporate burden.

So, when someone asks why your current site looks, well, “old,” you may find yourself explaining, “It’s in development.” The reality is that “In development” is nothing more than another way of saying, “Not done.”


Bummer because until the new site is done, potential customers are experiencing the old site, which is delivering the old and potentially wrong impression. It gives them all the reason they need to drift off to visit your competitors, some which may have cool, new and exciting sites. Updated sites where the “News” page actually shows “News” circa 2011. Where social media icons actually go to social media pages. Where there’s a clearly defined sense of brand, viewer benefit, presentation of elements, and multiple opportunities to learn more, share, return, and make meaningful contact.


Before getting to the solution — our 7-point content writing guide to help you effectively navigate website content creation — a shameless self-plug . . . “We do all content writing and generation as part of our website development process.”


Here’s a great tool to help ensure that your site content rocks, whether you’re in the process of developing a new site, or want to improve your existing site and its effectiveness in converting more viewers.

Have fun, rock on, and if you hit the wall, give us a call.

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