Delia Creative Work Wins Big at the NJ Ad Club Virtual Awards!

NJ Ad Club held their first-ever virtual “Jersey Awards” on Wednesday, November 11th. We’re honored to have won four awards on behalf of our clients. The Delia Associates team has now earned 37 industry recognitions in the past two calendar years.   And the awards go to…   1st Place – Hi-Cone– Digital Publication 2nd Place […]

What is the Customer Value Journey?

The Customer Value Journey Explained.   If marketing is the actions taken to create or further a customer relationship, the Customer Value Journey is “how” that is done. While there are many visuals and expressions as to what this looks like, ours is a simpler version, derived from elements of digital marketer with elements of […]

Creating Your B2B Brand Identity System

Foundational to all b2b brands is the identity system. While some identity systems are more complex and broader reaching than others, there are 10 core elements that virtually all b2b brands require.   Business card Letterhead Envelope E-mail Signature Interior/Exterior Signage Vehicle Signage Apparel Note Cards Presentation Template Info-Sheet Template   Each one, from a […]

B2B Brand Messaging Hierarchy Explained

BRAND MESSAGING HIERARCHY   Here’s a simple breakdown to understand how content can be arranged, aligned and prioritized with the core brand message and intent.   Just like there is a foundational architecture to how b2b brands are physically structured, there is a similar hierarchy to how they properly apply messaging. And when messaging is […]

B2B Brand Architecture for Larger Organizations

THE B2B BRAND ARCHITECTURE   B2B companies often require a structured brand architecture when the organization consists of multiple components. For example, the corporation will represent itself as a brand. It’s specific divisions, product or service categories sometimes function as sub-brands to the corporate brand. Additionally, unique product properties, attributes or processes can also be […]

The B2B Brand Components

THE B2B BRAND: WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF?   Most people think “logo” when asked to contemplate the components of a b2b brand, however, it’s more than that. All of the elements that create emotional meaning and distinction work together to define and position the b2b brand entity, whether it’s a product, service, organization, technology […]

The Top 10 Reasons Why B2Bs Evaluate (Or Re-Evaluate) Their Brands

No Emotion: Marketing messaging is not connecting with audiences on an emotional level. Change: Shifts in offerings, or expansion in resources or size, require a rethinking of brand image. Commoditization: Organization is routinely competing on price alone to win businesses. Competition: Intense competition has elevated the need to differentiate. New leadership: New leadership with a […]