Delia Brand-Ism #4: Every Brand Interaction Is a Relationship Opportunity

March 2, 2016 9:13 pm

Every Brand Interaction Is an Opportunity to Start or Strengthen a Relationship.

“It takes seven times to be seen for the first time.” Or so goes the long standing marketing adage. But sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on what the ultimate tipping point that motivates a prospect to initiate contact will be; what finally gets your company on their radar screen; or what pivots a buyer away from the competition. For B2B brands, effectively delivering touchpoints in every interaction comes down to an even more fundamental motive . ..


It takes time for people to know and trust you. It takes time to formulate a comfort level with the idea of contacting you. Think about your best relationships, such as with your spouse or partner. Most likely, it wasn’t staged. You met, talked and that went well. So you went on a date; and if that also went well, more followed. The relationship flourished to a point where you started to believe, “This is the one.” The same is true of brands, especially business brands. Delivering your touchpoints with purpose and consistency enables those connections to happen more quickly and effectively.

Dean Minuto, a highly effective Vistage Speaker, recently put it this way: “What does your uniform say about you?” If you’re driving down the road and a suspicious looking person standing by the road starts waving their arms frantically at you, you might think twice about stopping. However, if that person were wearing a police, military, or other official uniform, you would probably stop without hesitation, or at the very least slow down. The uniform is the influencing factor that convinces you to do so.

Take a look at your brand with fresh eyes, from your website, social media presence, to the apparel of your personnel, your interior, your sales literature, tradeshow exhibit, outbound communications and the like. Look at all touch points from big to small, and answer these two questions:

How distinctive is my current “brand uniform” ?

How effectively and consistently is my “brand uniform” being delivering at each touchpoint?

Each touchpoint represents an opportunity to create a new selling proposition, whether through an existing relationship or the start of a new one.

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