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August 8, 2012 7:12 am

Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing has become exponentially important in recent months. However, it has still been a struggle for many businesses to integrate marketable assets onto Facebook. There are a number of marketing tools that Facebook offers that many businesses are not using to their full advantage. Countless businesses like P.F. Chang’s have launched highly successful promotional campaigns on Twitter or Facebook. P.F. Chang’s free lettuce wraps campaign helped the restaurant direct more than 50,000 patrons into its restaurant in a single three-week period. There are countless other examples. All that’s required is an outside-the-box approach and an open mind to Facebook marketing. Social media is available to all businesses, but it has proven to be a strong weapon and asset only for those who leverage it in creative ways. Using social media for the simple reason that it’s one of the fastest growing marketing platforms will not help you accomplish your goals. Companies that adopt this approach often have ill-defined goals that will not be reached. Be specific about what you’re attempting to accomplish and you will be on the right track to doing so.

Utilize the Brand Resource and Permissions Center to ensure your business is aligned with Facebook’s requests and restrictions. You want to make sure you adhere to intellectual property policies with the types of logos and artwork your brand utilizes. Also, there are a number of call-to-actions that are prohibited by Facebook including cost savings and “enter the contest below.”

The Facebook demo tool will help you assess the viability of premium or sponsored story ad placements. You can use this tool to preview the appearance of these advertisements. You’ll be able to view what the user would see if you launched this ad campaign. Facebook also offers live Q & A sessions and webinars to keep you informed. Another resource that can be helpful to marketers is the information compiled by Facebook, relating to user feedback and case studies surrounding your business.

Block Off Some Time

Too often, Facebook is cast aside as a social media platform that is necessary to cultivate, but not one that can obtain leads, opportunities, and sales to your business. Allocating 30-minute sessions several times a week will go a long way in substantiating your presence on social media properties, while keeping a rapport and engagement with customers. Don’t give into the temptation of automating your status updates. Instead, customize each update to the situation at hand, and engage prospective customers about your products or service.

These efforts will aid in humanizing your brand and showing the public that your business has the consumer’s best interests in mind. Talk more about how you can help and less about why your service is “awesome.” The best approach is integrating both ideas without sounding too self-promotional. Utilize as much great photography as possible. Visually inspiring images will usher in new fans and provide you the opportunity to start a conversation with prospective customers. It sounds simple, but many businesses fail to utilize every advantage at their disposal. Facebook offers a feature called Insights, which provides in-depth user data about your page. Gender, age and location of who is viewing your page are all available under the Insights feature. The most popular status updates are also available.

Anyone who likes your page will be given notifications based on similar interests. You’ll acquire a custom URL on Facebook once at least 25 people like your Facebook page. You can customize your URL so that it is more succinct, and easily recognizable. Once you’ve have solidified these aspects of your Facebook marketing strategy, you will be well on your way to achieving your brand messaging goals.

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