SEO Myths Dead and Buried.

May 30, 2014 8:37 pm

The web is littered with SEO myths, promises and flat out lies from buying thousands of quality links to Google algorithm conspiracy theories.  As web developers and search marketers, it’s our job to weed through all the nonsense and provide good clear direction on what will work for your SEO efforts. Thankfully, Google Engineer Matt Cutts is here to help debunk some of the myths that circulate the web regarding SEO.

In the video above, Matt Cutts specifically details the relationship, or lack thereof, between paid and organic placement with Google, algorithmic influences on paid ads, group think practices, and all in one SEO tools.

In discussing paid ad’s influence on organic placement, Matt is quick to shoot down this theory as ad traffic and organic traffic serve two different purposes for visitors; transactions and information. He connects this to the theory that Google adjusts its algorithm to force the use of paid advertisements. This is clearly not true. Google is a service provider whose goal is to deliver to its users the information they are looking for as effectively and accurately as possible. Each algorithm change only serves to make that process better and more effective. This statement is then complemented by Cutts’ consistent emphasis to web developers to provide well written, natural, and useful content on their sites. This is because the more useful and directed that content is, the more natural of a fit it will be to answer users search query. Simple.

Cutts then dives into the issue of “group think” that exists within the many SEO discussion forums. He discusses how it’s far more important to think for yourself when it comes to your SEO efforts rather than jumping on the newest trend that all the forum users consider current best practice.

Finally, the discussion moves to all-in-one SEO tools that guarantee results. This becomes an issue of common sense. If someone is out there trying to sell you an e-book or platform that will solve your SEO concerns, it’s most likely too good to be true. Frankly, if this type of product existed, wouldn’t that person be leveraging the utility themselves instead of offering you a package?

We will inevitably deal with more myths, conspiracies, and lies within the SEO space, but it is our job to sort out the nonsense and make our sites stick for the right reasons. Being keen to algorithm changes and new practices within the field is crucial to development, but plain common sense and knowing how to navigate the search landscape are the most important tools in the SEO game.

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