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Does your Search Analytics Report look like this?

If not, you’re probably missing the point. Standard SEO agency reports can be cumbersome and confusing, and although they may have a ton of data you can read, are they really giving you what you need?

Our SEO/SEM management and search engine optimization programs provide a simple & clean monthly 2-page report that tells you what is most important to the quality of your online audience. Our reports include:

  • Overall quantity & quality of traffic
  • Quantity & quality of Organic traffic
  • Top visited pages
  • Audience geography
  • Popular keywords & search terms
  • Social metrics

If these look to be “standard fare,” you’re right. What’s not on this list is where we bring the most value with these reports. In every report, we include a deeper analysis of your website and internet marketing metrics and show you opportunities for improvement as well as the action items we will be taking in the coming weeks to improve your search rankings and SEO program.

Expert B2B SEO Services for your Company

As a leading marketing and b2b SEO services firm, our commitment to the ever-changing search engine world is reflected in the results presented in your easy-to-read report. Our process drives better quality traffic, stronger audience retention, better quality leads, and keeps you informed on every step of the journey. It’s no wonder our valued clients consider us the leading NJ SEO Agency for their b2b and b2c businesses.