What would your “best” clients say about your brand?

April 17, 2018 5:36 pm

Clients typically come in three forms: A, B, and C.

A is for Awesome.

B is Bi-Polar.

C is Corrosive.

The A-Level client is the ideal. They love the experience of being serviced by your brand as much as you love servicing them. There exists a perfect harmony, as they are the client that your business is specifically designed for.

B-Level clients are tricky. You never know where you stand. That’s because they are “sort of” well aligned, but not perfectly. You know a B-Level client when you attend a meeting, and before walking in, you’re thinking “Will I get kissed or kicked today?” That’s a clear sign of a B Client.

I don’t have to tell you who your C-Level clients are. They are the ones that gave all the warning signs of being problematic, but you took them on anyway. These are the clients you should not be doing business with. Not because they are bad people, but because they are not a good fit with your brand.

When it comes to getting outside feedback about your brand, it makes little sense to spend time worrying about what B and C-Level clients think. They are not well aligned, and you already know that. However, there is tremendous value in taking a deep dive with A-Level clients. If you can fully understand their DNA, what motivates them, and why they match so well with your brand, you have a valuable arsenal of information. A-Level clients are not unicorns or anomalies. They are out there, and the more clearly that you understand the ones you have, the better you stand to attract and acquire more of them.

As part of the Discovery Process of our Brand Leadership Solution®, we conduct candid interviews of a selection of A-Level clients. Through a series of 10 carefully crafted questions, we obtain feedback that is both powerful and enlightening. And, it sets the stage to more readily articulate brand messaging that A-Level prospects will come to like a beacon.

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