Your Top 3 “Pre-Released” Ad Picks for Super Bowl LV

Like everything else, Super Bowl LV will be celebrated a bit differently this year.   With fans skipping big parties and public celebrations to stay home, more people are expected to actually watch the game – and of course, the commercials.   CBS struggled this year to fill its highly coveted – and expensive – […]

Mentoring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

I recently had the chance to mentor a promising student entrepreneur as part of an annual competition hosted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).   Brianna Makaric founded BRITE bites, a probiotic snack bar company, several years ago while an undergraduate at Michigan State University. Her idea was sparked by a passion for all thing’s health […]

B2B Tactics. The Complete List.

What are the Tactical Components in a B2B Marketing Program?   There are only three ways that growth happens in a b2b organization: Get more new customers. Create growth among existing customer base. Increase customer buying frequency. A well thought out, balanced b2b marketing campaign takes all three channels of growth into consideration. We have […]

What is the Customer Value Journey?

The Customer Value Journey Explained.   If marketing is the actions taken to create or further a customer relationship, the Customer Value Journey is “how” that is done. While there are many visuals and expressions as to what this looks like, ours is a simpler version, derived from elements of digital marketer with elements of […]

B2B Brand Messaging Hierarchy Explained

BRAND MESSAGING HIERARCHY   Here’s a simple breakdown to understand how content can be arranged, aligned and prioritized with the core brand message and intent.   Just like there is a foundational architecture to how b2b brands are physically structured, there is a similar hierarchy to how they properly apply messaging. And when messaging is […]

PRESS RELEASE: Delia Associates Wins Multiple International Branding Awards

Five Hermes Creative Awards are among 32 recent wins   Delia Associates, an award-winning branding and marketing agency in Whitehouse, NJ, was recently honored with five international Hermes Creative Awards. The awards, administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professional (AMCP), celebrate outstanding work in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging […]

United Together Against COVID-19

My heart goes out to those across our nation and around the world who have directly suffered loss from COVID-19. Having also lost a loved one recently through similar circumstances – underlying conditions compounded by a virus – I truly empathize.   Over the last few days, I have felt a gamut of negative emotions […]