It’s That Most Wonderful Time of Year…

Filled with holiday parties, eggnog (what is nog?), gift giving (and returning), and maybe a few snowflakes.   And it wouldn’t be the Holiday Season without Delia Associates annual video. It’s our way of saying “Thank You!” to the many people we’ve had the opportunity to work with over the past year.    This year, […]

Social Images: Animated vs. Static? Which Drives Better Viewer Engagement?

Today, social media platforms are becoming omnichannel resources. People use social media to get their world news, learn new skills, and they even do their shopping, all on one platform.  This is true for both business and consumer users, as the lines between the two have become increasingly blurred.   A question we’re often asked […]

The Three Big B2B Challenges … and Solutions for 2022

They were years like no others…   B2B companies faced their business challenges head-on, finding innovative ways to adapt and conduct business in the “new normal.” With 2020-2021 behind us, we are all anxious to hit the 2022 reset button!   There are many reasons to be optimistic that 2022 will return us to a […]

Has Growth Leveled Off and You’re Not Sure Why? Time to Assess the Brand.

Each day, I speak with CEOs and VPs of sales and marketing for B2B brands who have concerns or misgivings about how their company is positioned and represented in the marketplace.   Despite their efforts to get to the next level, growth has plateaued. They suspect something isn’t quite right from a brand perspective, but […]

With Crisis Comes Change – and Opportunities for B2B Brands to Adapt

When society is faced with a crisis of the magnitude of COVID-19, change is inevitable. Behaviors change. Priorities change. Perceptions change. Day-to-day activities change.   In the case of the pandemic, a once-in-a-century public health event, we saw a rapid acceleration of three changes that were well underway – remote working, online shopping, and telehealth. […]

How to Achieve Post-Pandemic Growth for Your B2B Organization. Marketing is the Key.

The economic boom following the pandemic is creating unprecedented growth opportunities for B2B organizations.   While it’s easy to understand why a robust economy is good for business, many companies remain uncertain as to how to capitalize on this incredible growth opportunity.   The answer is a straightforward one: Invest in marketing.   Growth Strategy […]

How Can HVAC Companies Take Advantage Of Social Media?

Without quality content, social media is an empty shell. Sustained development of original, compelling and useful content is where most businesses have the greatest challenge. It also is where they stand to realize the greatest rewards out of their social media presence, whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or some combination.   Content marketing […]

Economic Boom Fuels Renewed Focus on Marketing and Branding among B2B Executives

Rebranding Initiatives Capitalize on Post-Pandemic Growth   While the country continues its reopening and recovery, increases in consumer spending, stock market values and the labor market are sparking an economic boom with significant growth opportunities for B2B organizations. As a result, top sales and marketing leaders are laser-focused on retooling marketing and branding initiatives to […]

What Are Your Company’s Growth Indicators?

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the first concepts taught to aspiring business leaders, sales executives and entrepreneurs in business school.   ROI is considered a cornerstone in how businesses assess and quantify profitability. Over time, many organizations have expanded these calculations to try to measure other business facets, including sales, marketing and branding […]