#BrandBuildingAtWork – Elevating a Very Flexible Product Line

June 12, 2018 2:24 pm

BihlerFLEX specializes in the development and manufacturing of bungee cords and pet products including #ThePerfectBungee and #ThePerfectLeash. The two brands needed to “stretch” their advertisement campaign for greater awareness and exposure. Delia Associates had the pleasure of helping BihlerFlex become more visibly recognized through the design and development of tradeshow displays, ads campaigns, packaging, and website expansion.

Take a peek at the finished products here:

Pet Products: Tradeshow Display

Pet Products: Dog Toy Packaging

Perfect Bungee: Tradeshow Display

Perfect Bungee: Various Print Ads

 Bungee: Websites & Shopping carts

Pet: Websites & Shopping carts

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