Are Your Sales Tools Actually Selling?

August 7, 2017 4:53 pm Sales Funnel Flat Concept

On the off chance you have a keen memory of your high school English classes, you may remember your teacher consistently reminding you to “show don’t tell” while you write. Surprisingly, the same applies to the business realm.

Leaflets, e-blasts, social media accounts, white papers, etc.: are they just reading material for your customer or does your content make them actually want to pick up the phone and call right away? Are you really captivating your audience or are they just skimming through? If your sales team is complaining that the company’s sales tools are ineffective, consider the fact they might need a good, hard once-over.

First off, do you really know what you’re talking about? Aside from knowing the abilities of your product or service, are you fully aware of the way your product or service can help the prospective customer these tools are selling to? If the answer is no, this may mean that your customer is thinking: “This is great and all, but what’s in it for me”? You must create need and then properly convey that need in your sales tool. Remember that sales has never been about convincing, but rather about helping. Introduce possible problem scenarios and explain how your product or service could overcome or alleviate the issue. List off probable short-term and/or long-term goals your target audience might have, and hook them with the thought of someone else completing those goals better and faster than they could have. Additionally, make sure your sales materials aren’t too generalized. You want to be sure you’re addressing your specific target audience. With this personalized tone, your sales tools will feel less educational.

Perhaps the issue stems back to your sales team as whole. You must be sure that everyone is not only on the same page, but that there is a clear picture of what needs to be conveyed and accomplished by these sales tools. If your sales team can’t even sell properly, then how can you expect them to create lead-producing sales material? A good sales team is born out of good culture. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your strategy is if your team can’t function as a team as well. Additionally, excellent company culture will make your employees more passionate about the product or service they are selling. In turn, this passion will be conveyed in your sales tools and content. Make sure to also minimize administrational tasks for your sales people so they can focus on perfecting your selling materials.

As long as you are investing your time and money, you should be sure to capitalize on your sales tools. This means making sure your sales team is operating the way that it should and that the sales tools being produced are compelling customers to buy. Remember that a handyman is only as strong as the tools in his toolbox.

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