Objectives. Strategies. Tactics. Explained.

WHAT ARE MARKETING OBJECTIVES, STRATEGIES AND TACTICS?   The easiest way to understand this foundational terminology is to think about a time when you took a long trip by car. The objective (Where to?) was to reach the end destination by tomorrow at noon. The strategy (How so?) was to plan a route that on […]

Beyond Marketing: The B2B Brand Services Many

When crafted correctly, a strong b2b brand serves all critical stakeholders that support the organization’s success, and in ways that extend far beyond external marketing: FOR OWNERSHIP/INVESTORS: CLARITY through consistent demonstration that you know who you are as an organization, who you serve, and how you do so with absolute distinction and excellence. FOR PERSONNEL: […]

Marketing Expectations vs. Reality

Start with an Objective to Meet – and Exceed – Goals   There seems to be some confusion between “marketing” and “sales” for many business-to-business organizations, namely because the dividing line separating these two functions is often blurred. As a result, expectations can far exceed what reality could ever produce, on both the marketing and […]

Sales & Marketing Leadership: Keeping it Simple

The Role of a Sales & Marketing Executive in the B2B Marketplace is Notoriously Complex.   Leaders are expected to guide their teams effectively while ensuring their brand is seamlessly represented through marketing that supports sales efforts – ultimately growing the business. Adding to that is an unprecedented global pandemic that has forced many b2bs […]

25 Years with Ed Delia of Delia Associates

This month, we are celebrating 25 years with Ed Delia, President & CEO of Delia Associates.   We asked him to take a moment to reflect on this incredible milestone as President & CEO. The interview captures his passionate heart for the company, team and individuals who have had the greatest influence on his career. […]

Why Should B2B CEOs “Care” About Brand?

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” – SETH GODIN   For one, it has been proven many times that real, measurable outcomes can be achieved from consistently delivering the b2b brand in an emotion-based manner.   The beauty of brand building for the b2b company is that, when […]

Are You Using Brand Power to Drive Top- and Bottom-Line Growth?

The reason that branding has become increasingly crucial to b2b organizations, is that the variety and type of touchpoints have become increasingly fragmented.   When I started 25 years ago (and the Internet was in its infancy), communicating b2b brands to their respective audiences was relatively straight forward:   Pick the top 3 trade journals […]

15 Years with Lori Schiraldi Delia, Esq. of Delia Associates

We would like to honor Lori Schiraldi Delia, Esq., Vice President & General Counsel of Delia Associates, for her devotion to our team and company over the past 15 years.   In honor of Lori’s 15 years as Delia Associates’ Vice President & General Counsel, we thought it would be fun to do a “Work […]

What Does Your Online Presence Say About Your B2B Brand?

What does your digital presence say about your business?   Just having a website or being active on social media won’t necessarily make customers want to engage with you. Today, it’s simply not enough to just have a website or an online presence. It has to be a great website, one that your customers and […]

What is B2B Branding? Powerful Examples and Tips

B2B Branding is the expression of your company’s personality, service and benefit to the B2B customer.   People often get the concept of brand and branding confused. Brand is the entity. Branding is all the ways that the entity expresses itself across all relevant touchpoints.   The reason that branding has become increasingly important to […]

The Secret to Quality B2B Lead Generation and Optimizing Growth