12 B2B Brand Trends for 2018

Are you Brand Ready for 2018? In a new E-book, we’ve summarized 12 Trends for B2B Brands for 2018. Discover actionable steps you can take today to help grow your business in even the most competitive markets. Download our new E-Book Here (or click the image above) and learn how to be Brand Ready in…
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Flashback Friday – Orion Analytical

Brand Development, Circa 2014 Brand development for Orion Analytical, a materials analysis & consulting firm, highlighted Orion’s unparalleled reputation as a leader in authenticity studies for museums and art brokers including Sotheby’s.  Branding services included a new logo mark and a refreshed visual identity depicted through a new, responsive website. Click Here to see more of…
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Flashback Friday – H&H Swiss

Brand Development, Circa 2010 Brand development for precision components manufacturer H&H Swiss included a revitalized logo mark and a new brand statement: “Your Part. Your Partner.” This statement was a testament to the firm’s long-standing, deep customer relationships. Initial brand launch activities included a new website, e-newsletter, and new tradeshow graphics. Click Here to see…
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questions to ask when hiring a marketing firm

5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Marketing Firms

For many companies, hiring and training internal personnel to master inbound marketing strategies is not an option. The time and resources needed for staff to dominate essentials such as brand development, search engine optimization, and online marketing just does not exist for some companies. The next logical step would be to hire a branding and…
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Account-Based Marketing by Delia Associates

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for B2B Brands

ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING: The “Not-So-New-Next-New-Thing” That B2B Brands Are Buzzing About What it is: Account-Based Marketing, or “ABM” if you want to be acronym-cool, is a b2b marketing approach where a brand identifies and communicates with an individual prospect at a customer or prospective customer account, treating them essentially as a market of “one.” So you…
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Flashback Friday – Calmar Dispensing

Brand Development, Circa 1975 Delia Associates was agency of record for Calmar Dispensing Systems for over 23 years. During that time period, we helped transform the Calmar brand into an industry innovator and the dominant global manufacturer of mechanical dispensing solutions.  Integrated services included aggressive public relations and trade advertising, tradeshow marketing, sales support tools,…
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Is Your Sales Team Misrepresenting Your Brand?

Your company’s sales team is the core voice of the brand. All the elements that contribute to your brand need to be echoed by the sales force when they are prospecting and selling. Your sales team may be misrepresenting your brand but how do you know and how do you get them aligned with your…
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Flashback Friday – Noopy’s

Brand Development, Circa 2012 NJ-based Noopy’s, a 3rd generation furniture stripping and refinishing company, was looking to expand their services and line of premium remover products.  The company turned to Delia Associates in 2012 to help freshen the brand and it’s messaging in a manner that complemented Noopy’s 40-year reputation for excellence. With the help of our innovative…
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what makes a b2b brand powerful

The 10 Dimensions of a Powerful B2B Brand

All businesses should understand the value of branding. Products and services offered by a business are judged by each consumer, and that Judgement determines the customer’s entire perception of that company. The challenge becomes understanding exactly which dimensions will create a powerful brand and positive customer experience. Here are the top 10 dimensions of a…
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Is Increasing Your Sales Force Really a Growth Strategy?

With 2018 just around the corner, you may be thinking about ramping up your sales force to generate more leads and sales in order to achieve some lofty revenue goals. But is this really the best strategy? Our experience working with 100’s of businesses shows that there is often a more effective path to sustainable…
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Flashback Friday – Werner & Pfleiderer

Brand Development, Circa 1970 An early Delia Associates client, Werner & Pfleiderer (W&P) was also one of the firm’s first great success stories. Delia Associates was hired to establish W&P’s (now Coperion) North American operations. Then a relatively small German-based plastic extrusion systems manufacturer, W&P aspired to enter the US market. They did so with…
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